Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YAYYY...the days are shorter!!

One would think that with fall coming to an end, the days getting shorter and the trees shedding those beautiful, colored leaves, that adorned them, just a week back, I would be depressed...really, really depressed...

Well generally the passing of fall does cause a sense of gloom to set in...but this year is different... you may ask why...well, I have spent the major part of spring, summer and fall, living the life of a golf widow :-(...

Not that I mind giving D the space to pursue his hobbies...after all, I do wholeheartedly cherish my personal space when dabbling in hobbies and indulging in activities which allow me to form perspectives on issues , completely independent of if that's the case...why am I really cribbing...ok, let me just put it this way, in the context of hobbies, dabbling in one and allowing one to dictate one's life are at two opposite ends of the spectrum...D's love for playing tennis has never gotten me so frustrated in all these years...may be that's because I personally love and enjoy that game as much as he does...and most importantly, I usually get to hit around a bit with him whenever he's in the mood to play with a beginner like me...ok, so does that show a tinge of contradiction of the earlier point I made about 'loving the space to indulge in activities that allow me to form a perspective on issues, completely independent of D'...I seem to be okay with D's hobbies where I have a part to play or contribute...I really am turning into a confused mess on this...don't want to introspect too much...this is not an introspective's more of a ranting blogpost...where I am just giving vent to pent up frustration:-) ...So here I go again..

D was posssessed by and obsessed with this game we all call 'GOLF' this entire summer and fall...weekdays, just didn't matter which day of the week it was...we would go shopping and all that he would be in the look out for were golf frustrating is that!!... in fact, once we cut short a weekend getaway so that he could come back and play an 18 hole game on a par 4 (or was it 3...who the hell cares anyways...the game is just so boring!!) course !!! He even tried persuading me to join him at the driving range and course a couple of times with of course, absolutely no success...better luck with that next year, honey!!

Hey...wait...don't yet point that accusing finger at me for being the quintessential unsupportive wife... I haven't really explicitly nagged him about golf till this post on the blog:-) ( I really have been trying my best to live upto the image of the 'space loving and space giving' wife I hero worship;-))...all that I have been doing is making weird faces and giving blank stares whenever he mentions anything associated with the game...after all, I did get him a golf themed cake and showered him with golf gifts on his birthday...and believe it or not his friends ended up gifting him stuff related to golf as now you know, it's not just me...that definitely makes me feel a whole lot's just that D and GOLF have become synonymous over this summer...and really, if you ask me, a golf themed birthday party, is the most I can do to show my support for the tee, the club, the par, the hole, Tiger Woods, Augusta and D's love for all things golf :-)

These hilarious cartoons at just about sum up the 'golf widowed life' I've led for the major part of this summer and fall...

Now you know why I am so happy, cheering the onset of winter...cold, short days but definitely(or should I say case covered driving ranges/courses are discovered in the next few weeks) more of D ;-)


Rush said...

Happy No Golf days to you! Don't feel bad about venting, it's totally normal to feel like the bitter half when the other half is obsessed with other interests! I feel that you are being very very supportive :-)

Enjoy your winter and the time you can spend with D.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take courses from a hot instructor. So DD either gives up olf or encourages you - win win either way!


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@ Rush : Thanks so much for the support girl...makes me feel so much better now :-)

@Bharath : Now that's what I call a winning tip...Sullu came up with another good one that might between Sullu and your tips , I am all set to take on the next golf season :-)

NetworkedBlogs said...

Preetam Rajkhowa:

well expressed................your frustrations!!!!!!!!!!??????

Yesterday at 11:24am

Chandrika Duggirala:

Nice post!! And yes, TOTALLY understand your view-point and I'm joining in your celebrations of wet and cold non-golf weather! :-D

Yesterday at 11:30am

Urvashi Shah:

this one's really funny..

Yesterday at 2:19pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa@P : Thanks...but why so many exclamation and questions marks !

@Chandu: Thanks glad I am not the only one getting all pepped up about the wintry weather and the non-golf months!

@Urvashi: Thanks yaar !

Yesterday at 3:22pm

Neha Arora Singh:

haha Priyanka u arent the only one Gaur and I went thru a similar phase with cricket and then soccer...I guess with years and a lot of nagging and blank stares as u said comes a balance...till then we all strive to be the space giving perfect wife ;-)))

Yesterday at 8:42pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

@Neha : :-)) so glad to know that I have quite a few empathizers here ...for now though, there doesn't seem to be
an end to the eternal search for the ever elusive balance you mention...he he

4 minutes ago

GNSD said...

haha!!! Golf Widow.. I like the term!
Well cheering for you to actually get your hubby back.. and away from Golf. Even if its temporary for the short winter months.
For the space loving, space giving person.. You definitely are.. and i am actually surprised that your blsnk stares didnt steer DD in the right direction!

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Garima: Thanks girl !! I sure need all the wishes in the world to steer D away from GOLF :-)). The last two days having had perfect golf weather, D and his golf buddies were off to the course again...Oh well...the stares, the looks, even a public outburst hasn't worked so far ...need to figure out other ways of tightening the leash now for sure....LOL :-)

NetworkedBlogs said...

Tripta Singh:

very well written and very well expressed...KUDOS!!!

Fri at 10:17pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much Tripta !

2 seconds ago

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious P...and I can so relate to it !!! Good one...


Anonymous said...

Its funny how you celebrate your mediocre life by trying your best to make it sound non-mediocre!! And whats all this bragging about? golf, venice etc pathetic writing

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...


Thanks so much girl...

@Anon : :-)...Hmmm...this is a rather interesting comment that made me LOL, specially because it's now let's address your cynisism and bitterness:

1. With public courses and driving ranges , golf in the US is as much for mediocre people, like us, as it is for people you choose to call it may really help to stop living with preconceived notions and validate it with facts :-) you see I celebrate life for what it is...mediocre or not...

2.What I write about and how I write it is a choice that I make...just as whether a reader stops by my blog, reads it, comments on it and decides to come back for more or shuns it are choices that the reader makes...This is not a blog for the masses, where I am bound to express an opinion about anyone and everyone deemed important...anyone who thinks can relate to what I write is most welcome to drop by...and others can shun it...not a problem !!

3.Pathetic writing or not, you sure considered the blog interesting enough to drop by, read and comment and it seems like it's not the first time you have dropped by the blog...for Venice is something I may have only cursorily mentioned in one of my first looks like you've even dug up the archives ...

Now, for the most important part if you are a regular in blogosphere, don't you think before commenting on the contents of a blog and the style of writing of a blogger, you should have the courage to put your name against the comment...that may be considered a more constructive comment, providing a fledging blogger like me some insight into what is good blog content and a good style of writing...and if you are not not a regular in blogosphere, it makes me wonder where all the cynicism and bitterness comes from...

Thanks anyways for dropping by and considering the blog interesting enough to comment on...

SBora said...

great retort...girl..people who leave harsh comments or rather unconstructive comments without disclosing their identity are an insecure lot! ignorance is the best policy here.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Rimjhim ba: Thanks so much for your support...means a lot to me!

Priyanka said...

just read your post PR...really hilarious...reminded me of that epidose from Everybody loves Raymond where Ray goes all crazy about golfing too:) Anyways can empathize with you completely since with pranav its the laptop instead of golf...and a change of seasons doesnt really help if ones hooked to the laptop:)

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Priyanka : :-)) ...Oh yeah...completely agree that I definitely have the hope of getting at least a season of respite from D's golf obsession...the laptop is a different ball game together though...hope your blank stares work better with Pranav than mine did with D :-)