Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Garima tagged me to get my take on the 5ives :-)...and provided the much needed momentum to revive the blog after more than a months' thanks girl...

So here you go...

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen:

1. Bruno : Crude,gross and offensive...not having watched Borat, was driven to the theatre out of sheer curiosity to check out what all the fuss was about...5 mins into the movie and I realized , I could never be a fan of the Baron "disgusting" Cohen kind of humor.

2. My Name is Khan : The ardent Shah Rukh Khan fan that I am, I generally pull D and whoever else is around and ready to be lured to one of the first shows of all his movies...this one was such a torture...the only
saving grace being the fact that we were with 10 other friends who felt equally, if not more tortured ;-), and just that fact and the laughs that we've had about the movie thereafter just made the movie watching ordeal so much more bearable :-)

3. Karzzzz : Yes , 'the Himes' bhai starrer with 4 absolute shitty remake of the Rishi Kapoor starrer that I, don't ask me why I even ventured to watch the Karzzz with 4 zs :-)...I guess I was just dead bored and had nothing better to do...

4. All about Steve : An absolutely cheerless and unfunny rom-com...D refuses to hit the theatre with me for any supposed "rom coms" after this experience ...poor me !!

5. Saawariyaan : I can't have anything more to add than what the GreatBong already says in his review :-)...Movie was pathetic essentially...

5 places where you don't want to be seen dead at :

1. In my own kitchen, with a bowl of cooked Maggi noodles next to me :-)...I love Maggi...D believes Maggi is unhealthy, though he keeps hogging on a fair share of it himself, all the while trying to stop me from cooking and eating Maggi...I would hate to have him live with the nagging thought that I died of a Maggi overdose, though:-)

2. Any place which has one or more cats in the vicinity...Urggh ...the thought of dying among cats freaks me out!

3. In the middle of a golf course or even a driving range, while trying to learn golf...that would be embarrasing even in death, having so vehemently expressed my dislike for the game in an earlier post :-)

4. A shady club :-)...Decided to borrow this from Garima she says, I don't really need to spell it out in words for folks to understand...what kind of club I am talking about...I really don't want adsense to start popping up family unfriendly ads on a family friendly blog :-)

5. On a more serious note, any place where I am alone...and not surrounded by people!!

5 accessories you can create out of food :

1. Strawberry earrings :
Split a strawberry in half and it could give you a pair of earrings perfect to go with a spring/summer dress :-)

2. Green peas and red thai chilli combo necklace :
Alternate green peas and thai red chillies could be stringed together to make a necklace...

3. Onion, Tomato,Lemon bangles :
Slice them up horizontally , scoop out the center pulp where applicable and you could end up with set of a churiyaans/bangles with the ingredients for a healthy sandwich/salad...I am not to be blamed for any form of breakage and foul smells:-)

4. Almond jewellery set :
Almonds when stringed together could make a good necklace/bracelet and even dangling earrings

5. Pumpkin decorations :
Carved and painted pumpkins make good decorative accessories :-).Since the tag says just accessories, I just decided to deviate slightly and move on to decorative accessories from dress accessories.

5 People you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere :

1. MCPs of course ...anytime, anywhere heels are ready to beat up one of those!!

2. Cowards...people who can't stand up for friends, family and near/dear ones when needed and chicken out...they frustrate me to the point where I could easily be agitated enough to use my heels on them :-)

3. Judgmental people...people who form an opinion about another the first time they meet /talk and refuse to give the person the benefit of the doubt, no matter what happens over time !

4. Nosey people who care about and poke their heads into everyone else’s lives other than their own!

5. On a lighter note, my little brother...for all the karate and taekwondo kicks he practised on me when we were young...these would be friendly pats though...definitely not with my heels :-)

5 things you’d do to scare anybody :

Do I really need to think of 5 things in this category…I can think of just one as of now...

I, by myself, with loads of makeup...bloody red lipstick...tons of eyeliner and kajal...face covered with a pack...head covered in henna...emerging from behind a door under dim/candle light...that would be enough to scare anyone off...have already tried this one on D and he can vouch for the scary part of it...if only I can find the photograph he had taken and put it up here...that would compensate for my lack of creativity in coming up with the rest of the four I guess :-)

Update:15th April...Initially forgot the most important part of tagging fellow blogger friends :-(

Am gonna tag Rims and Rush ...others please feel free to pick up the tag, when you drop by the blog and read :-)