Friday, November 12, 2010

The paradox called life

Paradoxical as it may sound, despite being an essentially absent-minded personality, there is one thing I am a particularly keen observer of, and that is human behavior...

Now I do understand that there is probably a very thin line between just observing human behavior and let's just put it this way, defensive as it may sound, I love interacting with people from all walks of life ....human behavior fascinates me, and while I observe and try to figure out why a person behaves the way he /she does without letting any hearsay /preconceived notions bias my opinion, I don't judge,for the most part I give people the benefit of the doubt and prefer to just go with the flow and let relationships develop, if they are meant to ...all the while, trying to keep those human sensitivities, I have observed in folks over the years, in mind, while interacting...

Now there is a good side to this trait and a bad...the good side is that, not having fixed/inflexible notions of what is right and wrong, I have the capability to allow for all shades of grey in human beings, including myself of course :)...and learning not to be judgmental has helped me form some beautiful, warm friendships and relationships in life, that I'll cherish forever...the downside however, is that for each of those five fulfilling friendships and relationships, there are always a couple where over time, you realize you have been taken for granted / been taken for a royal ride and where there was perhaps only an illusion of warmth and affection...for in a lot of cases, the little and sometimes even big things and thoughts in life go unappreciated :))...

Oh well, that's life...and it' s paradoxical indeed...

Now coming back to the what's paradoxical about life...some observations…

The fact that when people have a job, they wish they didn’t, they could just laze around and chill instead...and the fact that when people don't have a job, they wish they did...
The fact that when people have children, they wish they were just a couple...and when people don't have children, they wish they did...
The fact that when people are surrounded by folks who love and respect them, they take them for granted...and when they are gone, they crave their company...
The fact that when people are unhappy and sad, they give the illusion of perfection...
The fact that when people have all that they have ever wanted in life, they realize their search hasn't ended yet...
Essentially the feeling that the grass is invariably greener on the other side...when it isn't :)

Yes, the paradox called life…

For all our differences, and believe me there are many, for once D and I are on the same page at least on this life in the moment and live it up...that helps us try to keep clear off these paradoxes for the most part...and I do hope it will remain that way in the years to come...but then you never know,do you... after all life is a paradox in itself and only time will tell what is in store for us...:)

Happy Friday folks!!

P.S. A couple of days back, a long lost friend of mine called from India to share a piece of good was around 1:00a.m. in the morning when I received the call and despite not having had a chance to speak to her in the past 5 odd years and over the period of years, the email exchanges having become extremely rare, it took me less than a second to recognize the voice, after the initial,"Hello, is it Priyanka?" :)...the call made my day...and yes, there I was flooded with memories of all the times we had spent together ...a friend who has been very much an integral part of my life journey so far :) cheers to that!


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Kumud Juneja Trikha:

Nicely written Priyanka!

Friday at 1:39pm

Preetam Rajkhowa:

good good . earlier you said life is tp live in memories..... now you say it is fun to live in the isss a paradox

Friday at 9:04pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much folks...

@Papa: Amen to you , your's a paradox indeed:))

Friday at 10:18pm

Preetam Rajkhowa:

all thesee confusions will simply vanish once you discover your CENTRE and are able to continuously align yourself with IT
so work towards finding your centre!!?

Saturday at 12:42am

Raginee Goyal:

Well loved your P.S. and the simplcity in the emotions wit which it is written! As far as the paradoxical nature of life goes, its definitely not so! and the beauty of your blog is that you realise and understand it is not while you say it for those who it actually is!!!

Life is straight dear! It s we who take turns!!!!See More

Saturday at 1:35am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much Rags for sharing your that thought, "Life is straight, it is we who take turns":)...awesome!

Saturday at 9:13am

Anupee Dulali Perlmutter:

Priyanka, your blog is lovely and very well written!

Yesterday at 7:16am ·

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much Dulali aunty for dropping by and reading !!

Garima said...

Right now is all we can control might as well enjoy.... Like Sumit says often: "Jo mil rahan hain... karr lo. Thoda kam thoda jyada"
The line.. grass is greener on the other side works perfectly! it describes it... I might dream of spending hours and hours oogling at little V but then I miss my identity.. and when I am doing me-things, I miss the little feet and tiny hands! It goes on and on... so might as well make most of what I have rigth now!

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Vidya Sabesan:

Good post Priyanka. You have written it so wonderfully.

November 22 at 1:06am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks yaar so sorry...was meaning to call you back this weekend...but didn't happen...will chat with you soon...hope Puerto Rico was fun ;))

Ankur said...

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Thanks and I would appreciate a response.

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