Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My teenie, weenie career counsellor...

My toddler seems pretty intent on helping me find an alternate profession...LOL

So the other day, out of the blue, Raya asked me, "Mamma, do you want to be a teacher?" I was in the middle of something and I absent mindedly muttered, "Maybe!".  Her questioning continued, "In Toucans?" (Toucans is the name of her classroom at day care). Just to see, where this conversation was headed, I said, "Yes, Raya!". This was, of course, enough encouragement for Raya to continue, "Mamma, you want to be a teacher, then you have to talk to Ms. Gina and Ms. Yesenia, okhay!". Btw, as a side note, "ok" is pronounced as "okhay" in the Das household these days! Now Ms.Gina and Ms Yesenia are Raya's class teachers at day care. So  what it seemed to me from her words and tone, my little toddler was essentially advising me to speak to her class teachers for  teacher training !!

Oh well!! While bringing on bursts of laughter, this also was enough to make sure my attention was completely focussed on her now. So I continued, "Raya, why don't you ask Ms. Gina and Ms Yesenia tomorrow if I can be a teacher at Toucans?".  She replied, with a flicker in her eyes,"Okhay, mamma!"

Next day when she was back from day care, I asked Raya, "So Raya, did you talk to Ms. Gina and Ms. Yesenia about mamma being a teacher at Toucans". After a slight, thoughtful pause, a resounding decision was delivered by my kiddo, "Mamma, you not going to be teacher at Toucans, okhay! You going to be teacher at home!"...Ha ha ha. So that's that.

On a more serious note, I just changed jobs. Started my new role a couple of weeks back and really excited about it! Fingers crossed that it all works out well :) So wish me luck!

Back to Raya. My parents are visiting for a couple of months and Raya is having an absolute blast with them, in addition to, of course, getting royally pampered. What worries me, though, is that somewhere in the back of her mind, she seems bothered by the fact that they will go back to India, sometime soon. Almost every morning, she wakes up, goes to their room and says, "Ma-Koka, you not going to India today, okhay!" Then the other day, she woke up in the middle of the night with whimpers of "I don't want Ma-Koka to go to India!"

You never really know what keeps going on in a toddler's mind, do you? Breaks my heart to think that these little ones, with their teenie weenie brains and hearts, have to deal with
all kind of adult anxieties! All I can say is this time around, saying goodbye to her grandparents is going to be even tougher than last time!

On that note, enjoy your little one's childhood while it lasts! For they seem to grow up real fast! :(

P.S. Raya calls her maternal grandmom , "Ma" and her maternal granddad,"Koka". Invariably, a lot of the time when they are in the same room, she addresses them "Ma-Koka" as if they were one human being..LOL.

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