Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Of dinner table conversations…of courage and compassion…of the hare and the tortoise…

Today’s dinner table conversation comprised of the importance of standing up for oneself and for others around us…and for the need to show compassion to people around ‘D’ and I put one hypothetical situation after another in front of  Raya, we were amazed to realize that the little Kindergartener was able to articulate quite clearly how she would stand up for herself and her friends and family, when needed…the only question she raised was, ‘Mama/Baba, what do I do if someone is being mean to a stranger?’…That quite stumped D and I…we tried our best to explain the need to be able to differentiate one situation from another, when dealing with strangers…trying to drive home the point of the need to be compassionate while looking out for oneself, when dealing with a stranger, who seems to need help...I am not quite sure we did the greatest of jobs explaining this point…but we gave the best explanation we could…parenting is after all an evolving art, ain't it?!…I am sure we will do better next time...

As we spoke to Raya about the need to show compassion to everyone around her, about being able to stand up for herself and others around her, I have to admit I said a little prayer in my heart…a prayer hoping that some other parent at some other dinner table was doing the same…so that as our children learn to stand up for themselves, and for their near and dear ones and strangers, alike…hopefully  there will be someone, someday who will be willing to stand up for them, if ever the need arises…well, we can only hope and pray…

On a lighter note, Raya always seems to take forever to finish dinner…
So today I told Raya: "Raya, Baba and I are almost done with dinner and you are not even half way through. You are so slow"
Raya, after a moment’s pause: "Mamaaaa(tcchh tchh tone), I am the tortoise…I am slow, steady and focussed! You are the hare because you are teasing me about being slow. That's not nice."

Oh well , I was obviously too stunned to respond…an embarrassed, flushed face and a tame,’That’s true! I am sorry’ was all I could who could argue the 'hare and the tortoise’  point after all…it was a classic case of Aesop’s fable staring right back at Raya’s mama :)…

That's that...

I however want to end this post on a much more sombre note, sharing  a belief and thought that I hope will let all of us sleep  at night whenever we get bogged down by the chaos, the pessimism, the shades of grey and black in the world around us…and that belief is that 'Side by side, with the worst of humanity, more often than not,  you will find the absolute best!’ 

Nothing drives this point across more eloquently than a most unfortunate series of events  on a train in Portland last weekend. Prayers for the families of the beautiful souls who stood up for strangers, at the cost of their  own lives. May their souls rest in peace! In death, they have spread love and reaffirmed the belief of many of us that indeed, 'Side by side, with the worst of humanity, more often than not, you will find the absolute best!’ So, Thank you!


Shabana Nazim said...

Such a powerful message. Beautifully written Priyanka!

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Dehu Rajkhowa: Poignant writing!

1 June at 02:03

Kalyani Das: Beautiful expression.

1 June at 02:22

Vidya Sabesan: Lovely writing Priyanka.

1 June at 08:36

Supria Sarma: Thanks for sharing! Smart compassionate girl and it's clear where she's acquiring those traits.

1 June at 10:18

Jeanine Maria Beisel: She's a smart and sweet child! I'm so glad she's Daniel's classmate.

1 June at 10:36

Nandita Sarma: Very well written Chintu.Parents of young children are having to explain "mean" things said by adults in power often now. Sad

1 June at 11:29

Sukanya Bora: Chintz: more important than ever that we engage the kids with critical conversations. The learning is two way street and invariably so!

1 June at 20:58

Manisha Sarma: Raya is a very sensitive child and really adorable Chintu . And I loved the way you beautifully expressed it 👌🏻👌🏻

1 June at 21:29

Bosky Mukherjee: Beautiful writing!

2 June at 03:33

Priyanka Rajkhowa:Thank you folks for dropping by the blog and sharing your perspective!

2 June at 21:39