Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tid Bits !!

I go out for a 'girls night out' with my friends...I come back home...and I am a complete chatterbox...I invariably have a deluge of things to talk about...ok girls, now don't get me wrong...I do follow the ‘girl code’ and not divulge any secrets that shouldn't be divulged...those are the ones sealed in blood and buried forever ...you know you can trust me on that...at least I haven’t let you down on that so far :-)...but the point I am trying to make is, I always do have more things to talk about and share than not!!

D, who in general loves talking and giving his opinion and fundaes on everything under the sun, goes out for a 'boys night out'...he comes back home...he is quiet...ok folks, don't let your perverted minds take over and scare me as well...now I do trust D enough to tell me if he is out on some adventurous night out, painting the town red ...so am really not worried about that bit :)!! Either way, coming back to the point...

I ask, "What did you boys do"...His answer, “Just hung out over drinks and a game of poker"...

I ask, "What did you guys talk"...His answer, "Nothing"...

I ask again, "How can you guys not talk about anything specific and just hang out...tell me na what did you guys talk"...His answer, "I don't remember"...

I become more assertive thereafter, "You don't tell me anything...why don't you tell me anything?!"...

His response “I have a ‘boy code’ to adhere to...don't ask me questions I shouldn't be answering or about things that don't involve me“...Now, apparently the ‘boy code’ has absolutely no scope for letting out filtered excerpts of 'boys night out' conversations...Whatever!! And then he continues, “Plus guys don't bond over constant chatter about random topics like you girls...we may be glued to our blackberries, drinking beer and watching a game ...without feeling the need to utter a word to each other and still bonding"...

I go into a thoughtful mode, "Really...how boring is that!! Life without unstreamlined, spontaneous conversations on random and often irrelevant
topics with girlfriends! Thank God I am not a guy :-)!”

Is it just me or do I have company here?!


GNSD said...

I totally hear you girl.. So weird.. Sumit goes for weekly cricket and then hangs out with the guys... and his standard response it: Oh we played cricket 'hung out'. All my quesitons of, how the other guy's wife is, or what was post crixket conversations gives me the funny looks! Per him, the guys go for the sports: whether is volley ball, raquet ball, golf or cricket followed by whatever conversations... all the guys remember is how they could have hit a better shot that day! That's their "code"
However, when I go out with my girls for a simple thing as a movie, we'd have a long discussion prior to the movie, then after and then in a few emails saying..OMG, lets do it again... even a lift to home is filled with conversations below the door step.. So exciting.

Neetu said...

I could not agree with you more Priyanka.. I do not get it but I am soo glad that I am a girl :)

Chandrika D said...

Girl, that couldn't be more true!! I've seen a "boys hang-out " in action (happened to be on the sidelines one time) and they seriously don't talk!!! They just hang out doing nothing! And the husband says thats how it is done. Now I don't even bother to ask about the conversation parts of a guys night! Very hilarious!! :-D

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Garima, Neetu,Chandrika:

Thanks girls for chiming in with your thoughts and acknowledging that I do have a whole lot of company on this issue...he he :-)

NetworkedBlogs said...

Nitika Nayar Kashyap:

u have company;)
Tuesday at 3:33pm.
Mukti Soni Gambhir:

Girl you are absolutely right but men tend to let it out very slowly..Don't worry you will know eventually overtime what they talked about
Tuesday at 3:42pm .

Priya Gupta:

Agree with Mukti....and don't ask .... They'll tell in their own sweet time... love ur blog BTW

Tuesday at 3:57pm

Neha Arora Singh:

hahah Priyanka I asked Gaurav the same questions on thursday when he went out with DD for the boys nite out and got pretty much the same response tat he doesnt rem what they talked abt and they only played poker...

Tuesday at 4:06pm.

Kumud Juneja Trikha:

I ask them when they are sober :)...everything will come out!!

Tuesday at 4:16pm.

Chaitali Ghosalkar:

So maybe there is some truth to it? :)

Tuesday at 4:26pm.

Pranav Dharma:

PR - this is not a dd specific case - i'm pretty sure its the same story eveywhere..

i guess the following russell peter clip answers your question:


Tuesday at 4:50pm.

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Looks like I do have a lot of company :-)...Thanks for reading guys and thanks for the link Dharma ...very funny, as expected from RP;-)

Tuesday at 6:04pm

Sukanya Bora:

men just dont know how to have fun!!!

Tuesday at 6:18pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

@Rims::-)) I would be worried though if the 'boy code' and 'not remembering' are excuses to cover up for more than their fair share of fun...he he

Tuesday at 7:26pm

Cindy Quigley Miller:

I see from the comments, it makes no difference the Country, or generation, it stays the same!!!

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Yep Cindy...absolutely :-)

Tuesday at 8:14pm

Vidya Sabesan:

Priyanka, I just read your post. Wonderfully written and so true. This is exactly what Srinath says after his guys evening out: "I don't remember". And I will be so surprised, everytime he says that.. How can you not remember one piece of conversation after hanging out for a few hours... anyway, that's why men are from mars, and women from Venus. I guess if I were born a guy, I am sure I would've been outcasted, because of my non-stop wanting to talk something :-)

Tuesday at 11:20pm

Kasturi Pradeep:

Hey lady m wid u....geeee....guys r always like dat....

Wednesday at 12:11pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

@Vidya, Kasturi: Thanks girls for chiming in with your thoughts :-)

SBora said...

hey thanks for leaving all those comments on my posts....where have u been? how r youll doing?

NetworkedBlogsViaFacebook said...

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