Friday, August 20, 2010

Sowing and reaping…

I remember , as a child, my grandfather used to read out these inspirational bed time stories emphasising the philosophy of reaping what you sow...of doing unto others what you would want others to do to you...and all of us, who have heard those stories as a child, am sure have tried to live by that principle for the major part...

But sometimes, it makes me wonder if times have changed to the extent where this philosphy no longer applies...are all of us who believe in the philosophy living in a utopian world or could it be that the principle only applies to people who believe in it :) makes me wonder, for all my abilities of seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty,if what goes around really come around in today's world...

Giving off positive vibes, thinking positive, smiling no matter what, treating others as you want to be that how life should be led...or have we reached a stage in life and the universe where being selfish is considered ok and reaps long term happiness...I wonder...

Is being empathetic towards and treating people with the kind of respect and value that you would like to be treated deemed foolish in today's world...I wonder...

Being always unsure about my thoughts and views on such issues, I generally pose such questions to friends in terms of this particular case, while two of my friends were endorsing the "the as you sow,so shall you reap " philosophy wholeheartedly...this third friend of mine almost wanted to shake me out of what she thought was a utopian reverie, as she said that in the modern era, she believes and observes a lot of selfish "a**holes" who seem happy:) was both funny and scary the way she said what she said and all of a sudden, for all my resilience and abilities to look at the glass as being half full, I was overwhelmed by a bout of cynicism :-(

So what do you think...does what go around really come the modern era, does one really reap what one sows !!


Anup Hosangadi said...

Hi Priyanka,
Your post is very intriguing and i think we should each answer this question ourselves as there is no right/wrong answer.
But yes, you are right that times indeed have changed so much that what your grandfather advised may not be pertinent now. One viewpoint is the family concept. Older generations in India comprised of joint families where people helped each other out and shared the good and bad. They would sacrifice a lot for each other. But now, nuclear families are the norm and people work hard to financially secure their own family. This might be seen as selfish by some, but it is what the current world requires you to do.
Besides the family concept, things have otherwise as well. It is hard to see anyone going out of their way to help people. Everyone is busy in their own realm of responsibilities. I feel that it is "expected" of you to be this way. Even if there is some help, there is always an expectation of something in return. For example being helped when you are in a similar situation. Most friend circles I have seen, have an implicit understanding of this principle.
But with all this, I believe that if it really makes you happy to go out of your way to "genuinely" help someone out, then you should do it.


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Anup:Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this...I hear concern though is more on the lines of how people are treated rather than giving and taking of favors, in which I agree there is an implicit understanding that you will be there for a friend to return a favor rendered ,when needed...but yes, what you mention about why and how things have changed since earlier days and why what a few generations before us may have believed may no longer be relevant anymore, does make sense and provide a lot of clarity on this thanks for sharing your perspective:)

Garima said...

Yes... Life is a circle. What goes around comes around. I like to beleive that. I beleive whatever I do, I will owe is in this life. If I get good fortune, I must have done something good in this life. If something unjust happens.. I must have been bad in this life.
Its like a balance sheet, good, bad, evil, all checks out at the end!

I hear your friend's point... the "selfish "a**holes" who seem happy".. i will add "Now" Life is long and unpredictable... it will come back to bite you in your a##

ashish said...

My answer to things has been “whatever makes you happy”. I know that’s a very broad statement. But the basic truth is human beings are and have always been selfish. People who believe in the philosophy you stated above are selfish too as their focus is on “how they want to be treated” and people will keep living based on this philosophy only till the time they feel it working for them.
Personally, i still believe in this philosophy as it makes me happy (selfishly).
There isn't a single philosophy of life. laws of nature, philosophy of life and purpose of one’s life is different for all individuals. There is no right or wrong. People build philosophies based on what their individual experiences and hence you would always find a good mix of all.
We can talk.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Ash: I hear you...let's talk when we meet next:)

NetworkedBlogs said...

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Abraar Vakil:

Its always interesting to read your answer your question/concern tht u raised... I totally believe in what your grandfather and your two friends believe but also there are times when I see some 'a**holes' smilin and jolly-happy......Having that being said, it does not implies that these people have already reaped but I am sure they will realise sooner or later of what evil they have been sowing.

August 20 at 6:21pm
Kumud Juneja Trikha:

Very interesting blog Priyanka- I am a true believer of karma . If you do good, good will find you. I have also seen some 'A** holes' smiling and happy but you never know what the future holds...what goes around comes back around.
August 20 at 7:10pm · LikeUnlike · .Shamala Chandran what goes around, indeed comes back..and it comes back in this lifetime!!

August 21 at 12:10pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks guys for sharing your perspective!!

August 21 at 2:30pm