Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday night, after we got back from a friend's birthday party and were getting set to go to bed, D came and gave me a big, warm hug and said..."Jaan you are such a simpleton "...

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have known whether to get offended (considering it a slap on my intelligence) or take that as a compliment:)...but the warmth of the hug and "I love you for that" that accompanied the statement left little doubt about what the the intent of the statement was...that aside, I still haven't gotten an answer as to what triggerred the statement...hopefully a bit of probing in the evening will lead me to that...am hoping I didn't end up doing anything really, really silly and foolish, though :)

But that's besides the point...the point is, being the die hard romantic that I am, these are life's little(a lot of people would say silly) moments and spontaneous expressions of love that I live for...and so D says he is lucky because I am apparently very easy to keep happy and contented :)...and hopefully it will remain that way in the years to come!

That aside, nothing much is really happening other than work on weekdays and chilled out weekends...we are getting set for a two week European vacation, which both of us are really excited about, and D's birthday is coming up...and this time for some weird reason, I feel a bit of pressure as far as my cooking skills are concerned...for all those who don't yet know about my tryst with cooking, here's the post on my love hate relationship with the art of cooking ...so wish me luck :)


Priyanka said...

Hey pr, wow....where in europe are you guys vacationing? And you neednt worry about your cooking skills....i can attest to the fact that you cook fabulous food:)

Suku said...

hey have fun on your trip, wherever you are going.
you are a 'fine' simpleton:-)
and really, no more fretting about your cooking. you are a great cook..i still salivate about the yummy chicken soup you made for us!
btw, naba's cousin is your bro's very close friend.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Priyanka: Yaar trying to cover a few of the major cities and Switzerland more broadly!

@Rims: Thanks :)...what is Naba da's cousin's name?

Garima said...

Hi Priyanka.... ah the feel of the sweet nothings, the one seet compliment which makes us gush.. how sweet of D!
How exciting about your trip.. have a fab. trip.
And cooking wise... yumm yumm yumm.. And you know it..:=D

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Thanks so much Garima!

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Nabanita Ghosh:

We all love u for being who u are. The dimer dalna you made for us was great. Have fun in Europe. Just remember that the next trip should be to UK.

August 10 at 3:50pm

Pramod Sanoor:
Where in Europe are you traveling to ? And when are you guys coming back to SF ?

August 10 at 8:48pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks Tutun mashi....yep UK will hopefully be next June:)...looks like you are back to the grind after the vacation...take care

Pramod, it's quite a whirlwind trip...trying to cover a few big cities and Switzerland...will be back in SF soon......still waiting for you to visit us in NOVA:)

August 11 at 9:40am

Cindy Quigley Miller:

Love your blogs...Have a great time, and try to blog while you are there..I enjoy your "musings"

August 11 at 9:33pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much Cindy...will try to keep blogging while we are out or at least share our experiences once we are back!!

August 12 at 8:33am