Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About time...?

Well, I have been out of blogosphere for a while now...not for the lack of new things happening in life, though...:)

I have just been in two minds about sharing the news of probably one of the most significant life events in D and my lives...will get to that in a moment...

But then I miss blogging...and under the current scenario, writing about anything else without sharing this bit of news , the excitement, anxiety and nervousness associated with it just seems inappropriate and insignificant...

So I realized, it was about time I got back to my much neglected blog, about time I wrote about the life changes of the past six months, about time I shared D and my excitement, nervousness, apprehensions about the changes that life has brought on and those still to come...about time I mentioned the impending new arrival into our family...

Yes, D and I are expecting our first in another 2 and half months...we are excited, anxious, nervous, happy...all at the same time, if that's possible at all...but yes, after 5 years of marriage and into our 30s, I wouldn't blame you if you echoed our parents' thoughts and said that it indeed is about time :)

So well, going back to why it took me so long to write about something that's literally been the centre of our lives these past few months....While the first trimestor of pregnancy is unpredictable and uncertain for most women and hence a lot of people just prefer not talking about their pregnancy during that period...that aside,in general Indians tend to be really superstitious about anything related to pregnancy...I never could understand why....I do realize that two and a half months is still a long way to go and God forbid, a lot of things could go wrong in the next couple of as of now,just trying to keep the positivity flowing, steering clear of all negativity and hoping and praying for a happy, healthy baby, while we prepare for her arrival...

So what has the last six months been like... a roller coaster of emotions, to put it the first trimester, in addition to the usual first trimester discomforts associated with nausea and exhaustion, I was encompassed by this intermittent fear that something may go wrong ....the second trimester was fun , other than having to get used to growing bigger and bigger...into my third trimester now …and growing bigger by the day...I perennially obsess about the little’s ones kicks and somersaults and sometimes the lack thereof...I failed my glucose screening test and have to undergo a longer glucose tolerance test now to make sure evrything's on track… and everyone says, the most difficult bit is yet to essentially I am trying to keep enjoying the pregnancy and hanging in there with dreams in my eyes :)

It's funny the kind of changes impending parenthood brings about...In the past, whenever D and I talked of kids,I always imagined myself as a cool parent, never having undue expectations from my child and letting him/her grow up with unbridled freedom(much like how my brother and I did)...Hence, now I find it quite amusing and incredible when I talk to D about passing on my unfulfilled aspirations onto the little I wish our child would be good at art unlike the child wouldn't be flat footed like me...etc. etc...While DD brushes me off lightly with, "Don't get into the habit of forcing your unfulfilled aspirations on our child",I realize the flaw in my thoughts and just for a moment, feel a pang of envy realizing that probably( no, most definitively) D will be the cooler parent...:)...and I guess, I better get used to that :)…well, so that's that...

Wish us luck folks...your best wishes mean a lot to us as we get prepared for the final phase of this run...


Amit said...

Congratulations to both of you!!

NetworkedBlogs said...

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Vidya Krishnamurthy:

Congratulations Priyanka and DD!!! Yes, it's about time to share this great news :)

June 22 at 7:37pm

Xuan Huynh:


June 22 at 8:40pm

Ankita DekaBorah:

Congratulations Priyanka and Dipanjan! It is indeed a wonderful news.

June 22 at 8:41pm

Kumud Juneja Trikha:

Congrats Priyanka & Dipanjan...awesome news!!

June 22 at 9:21pm

Cindy Leadbetter Miller:

You are beautiful, and you both will be "cool" excited...loved the blog, thank you for sharing.

June 22 at 9:32pm

Mariama Sene:

Congratulations to you and D. I am super confident that you both will be the coolest parents. I remember how D and you were all over Karim at one of our potlucks. All will be fine and you will have the most beautiful, happy baby and it will change your lives in a great way. this is hands down the biggest blessing in life. Enjoy!!!

June 22 at 9:37pm

Payal Mohan:

Congrats Priyanka and Dipanjan! Great news! Now enjoy the rest of the time coz your life is going to change forever!! :)

June 22 at 10:59pm

Sanheeta Dasgupta:

Congratulations both of you. and all the very best.....:) take care. and whenever u have the time listen to a lot of good music ( makes babies happy inside ) :D :D

June 22 at 11:14pm

En Vy Nice blog! Best wishes to both of you.

June 22 at 11:27pm

Shamala Chandran:

All the best PR, you shd post some pics of the new you...

June 23 at 12:22am

NetworkedBlogs said...

Samantha Chandrasekar:

Well written post , as always :) ...heartiest congratulations to you and D..

June 23 at 1:26am

Neelapriya Loganathan:

Congratulations Priyanka & DD! Enjoy & good luck.

June 23 at 1:33am

Anup Hosangadi:

Best wishes DD and Priyanka

June 23 at 3:19am

Vinithadevi Ezhil:

Congrats Priyanka and DD.

June 23 at 4:13am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much for your wishes
folks !!

June 23 at 6:36am

Dalia Sarkar Datta:

congrats Priyanka. stay relaxed and happy. take care

June 23 at 6:44am

Jasmine Boro:

Congratulations Priyanka!!! Gud luck n take care...

June 23 at 7:25am

Priya Gupta:

Congratulations Priyanka & Dipanjan... This is definitely a new phase in your life, but full of fun and amazingly fullfling!

June 23 at 8:25am

Nitika Nayar Kashyap:

All the best!!! I'm sure you'll be a "cool" parent...just maybe not as cool as DD ;)

June 23 at 8:46am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks a lot guys ...

June 23 at 10:25am

NetworkedBlogs said...

Shabiha Yasmin:

Very very happy for you both. Congratulations! Take care.

June 23 at 11:16am ·

Smitha Kalappurakkal:

Congrats! Motherhood is a real joy... I'm finding out now :) Do you know if its a boy or a girl?

June 23 at 12:34pm

Paramita Banik:

Congratulations Priyanka and DD! Very happy to hear this. Wishing you all the very best!

June 23 at 5:11pm

Lisa Hazarika:

Congratulations to both of u. Its a wonderful feeling to be a parent with all its ups n' downs. Tk care n; good luck!

June 23 at 6:51pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks so much folks for all your best wishes :)

@Smitha Kalappurakkal:The docs say it's a girl :)

Friday at 9:16am

Pranav Dharma:

PR -- after all these years I would have thought that you would have given up trying to compete with dd on the coolness factor -- but i guess not :) j/k ... congrats again and best luck to both of you !!

Friday at 12:51pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

@Dharma: LOL...I wish I could dude...but you know DD, he really does keep challenging me in more ways than one ...and over time I have realized it's one of the ways to keep the sparks alive, I guess...he he :)...Thanks a bunch...need all the good wishes to pull through the next couple of months...hope to see you guys sometime soon...

Friday at 1:11pm

Raginee Goyal:

Congrats Priyanka, its so exciting to visualise you a a mom to be....would be looking great with that bump oer you....the blog is such a mix of emotions and excitement but with a sheer realisation of already being a parent...good yaar...but... one thing I did not like is the fear of something going worng...why the hell should this happen yaar...You have all rights to wish all that you wish for, this is the time for it...keep wishing and visualising...give the little some piece of music everyday...and now that you have graduated to the third trimester pamper yourself still more and get all possible pampering form Dipanjan..once the bundle of joy is out, she will take all the cream...!!! hehehehhe...jokes care dear...and all the best...

Saturday at 12:25am

Naazbin Syeda:

Hullahh..wht a WONDERFUL news dearie...Many congrats to both of you. God bless you and keep yr budding bee safe, protected and healthy..XoXo!!!

Saturday at 4:15am ·

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

@Rags and Naz: Thanks so much for the good wishes girls...will definitely keep your advice in mind as I try to pull through the next couple of months...xoxo

23 hours ago

Anonymous said...

Congrats and best wishes to you and Dipanjan!

m. said...

Dear Priyanka, i hope everything goes well and ur life is soon filled wth the greatest joy on earth... take very good care.


NetworkedBlogs said...

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Gioana Capone:

Hi Priyanka, Congratulations!!! I am so happy for both of you and you guys will be great parents and very cool!. Yes, Priyanka. You will be cool as well because beside the unconditional love that a parent can give a child, you are a good listener and that my friend, is what our children need. Congratts again!

June 30 at 10:26pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:
Thanks so much Gioana...keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday at 1:48pm

Sh said...

Congrats Priyanka and DD

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

@Sh: Thanks so much ...

diwali sms said...

Tomorrow will be diwali so happy diwali guyes!!!!!! In advance

pavani reddy said...

congosssss n all the very best...nice blog

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Liked the post