Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Visualize this...mid 1990s...a feisty teenager who feels she can take on the world like a storm...dreams in her eyes...determination gallore...cynical about the institution of marriage...while loving babies and little ones to cuddle with, nurturing a complete disregard for the blessing of a women's ability to bring life into the world...belief that life should not be moulded or steered by institutions like marriage and children...a proponent of the 'life is meant to be lived on one's own terms, without exceptions' paradigm...

Fast forward 15 years...visualize this...a woman with a huge bump on her tummy,religiously trying to attend prenatal yoga classes( because that's what the current 'earth mother'/'go green'/'organic' world says is best for her baby and her)...eating 'healthy'...doing whatever folklore and modern motherhood tales say about giving birth to and bringing up a healthy baby...enduring an 18 hour labor...being rushed into the surgery room for a 'C' section, because all the 'prenatal yoga' and 'walking' in the world failed to do it's magic:)...shivering in apprehension and anticipation in the surgery room...breaking down into tears as the little bundle of joy is placed next to her...letting life turn into a scramble as she tries to get too many things done in too little time...dealing with lifestyle changes...dealing with the challenges of nursing... night outs, partying out in the city,give way to nightouts, at home, feeding the little one and changing diapers...impropmtu trips give way to impeccably planned getaways...designer bags make way for the life saving diaper bag...those 'n' pairs of confidence boosting high heels( which she could not do without till a few months back), gather dust in the closet while giving way to unappealing,comfortable flats...she does everything that belies her erstwhile definition of "living life on her own terms" 15 years back...yet she is the happiest she has ever been in life...the early morning smile from her little one brightens up her day, gives her the energy to go through the day with zest and vigor...rekindles her belief in miracles and makes her feel complete...you may call it a life changing event...I prefer to call it the 'FLOW' of life...RAYA, our little Miss Sunshine...all of almost 5 months now and filling our lives with an abundance of love, laughter, smiles, babble, coos, rolls, twists and not to forget drool and wet diapers:)

Interestingly enough 'D' and I went into the gender determining Ultra Sound with just one name in mind...RAYA...while I lay on the Ultra Sound table, I must admit I felt terribly guilty about not having a boy's name in mind yet...it did inherently mean that both D and I were hoping for a baby girl...what if, it was a boy, instead??!! Fortunately both of us were spared from sulking in pangs of guilt for the rest of the pregnancy,with the news that it was a girl indeed :)

Time and again, a lot of people have asked 'D' and me what RAYA means...While I can't take credit for coming up with the name RAYA...that came from little Miss Sunshine's dad...but I must admit I did love the sound and vibe of it instantly...short, simple and yet eloquent...While the origin of the word RAYA is the Hebrew word meaning "Friend", it has a wide range of meanings in different cultures...in Greek, it means "Wise guardian"...in Bulgarian, it means "Queen/Heaven"...in Russian, it means "Relaxed"...in Mayian, it means "Unique, one of a kind/ Easy to love, beautiful and pure "...in Latin, it means "Queen"....in Arabic, it means "Aroma"...in Old Greek, it means "Adaptable,easy going"...in Slavonic, it means "Happy"...and most importantly in Sanskrit, it means "Flow"...

RAYA, the 'flow' of our lives has provided fodder and momentum to 'D' and my lives...has given birth to new enriching and fulfilling emotions and relationships...has lead us to the delightful shores of parenthood, and continues to direct and lead us to explore new horizons every day of our lives...

And wait...before you leave this page, I have the feeling I am heading in the direction of becoming the cooler parent:) contrary to what I felt mid way into my pregnancy...As Raya is growing up, looks like Daddy dear has a lot more aspirations for our little munchkin...I increasingly hear 'D' talk about what he will allow her to do and what he will not, wants her to do and doesn't etc,while I have adopted a rather laid back attitude and am just focussing on enjoying the joys of motherhood and watching my munchkin grow up...'D' may turn out to be the stricter parent, after all...oh well, we'll see...the 'FLOW' of life will tell indeed:)

In the meanwhile, wish us luck! Bringing up a child the 'right'
way is difficult, specially when the notion of 'right' and 'wrong' is as fuzzy as it is in the world today...


Subhadra said...

Good to see back in blogosphere :)
I am happy to nominate you for the versatile blogger award. Please visit the link to know more http://randomfeelngsandweirdthoughts.blogspot.in/2012/02/and-award-goes-to.html

Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck and love. Hugs.

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shirin goel said...

Loved the blog…

roses said...

The contents are really good…

Sukanya said...

hey' can we have more Raya updates please? :-)

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting…

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Good one...

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Mukti Soni Gambhir:
Beautiful. Every word so true.

Deepak Kallakuri:
Good read. Nice name

Preeti Iyer:
Awesome blog. Enjoyed reading every sentence and could relate to each one too.

Preetam Rajkhowa:
well expressed...............ve​ry true

Priyanka Rajkhowa:
Thanks folks...

Arun Anand:
Good One Pri! Glad to know that you are happiest at the moment. Continue that way how ever old Raya gets.

Taiho Osurman:
Beautifully written, Priyanka!

Chaitali Ghosalkar:
Very well written! Good to see you are finally back on the blogging scene :)

Neetu Narang:
Loved it!

Pranamika Kakati:
wow,lovely priyanka....

Roopa Kadiyala:
beautifully written...love Raya's name

Naazbin Syeda:
Loving every word u ve so beautifully written :-)

Kumud Juneja Trikha:
Well written!! Enjoy each and every moment with her....she is a blessing from GOD!!

Deepali Kasliwal Jain:
Hey Priyanka! Very well written! Hope you're doing well! Lots of love to Raya and hold your baby tight into your arms because they grow up very fast. I can't believe mine is 5 years old with the blink of an eye!

Priyanka Rajkhowa:
Thanks folks ..

Darshana Barua:
loved reading ur blog...very well written..cud relate each and every line of it :)

Sangjucta Sharma Barkataki:
Very touching and motivating. God bless ur little SunShine :)

Smitha Kalappurakkal:
Nicely written Priyanka.. Sounds like our story as well to the t.. :)

Bublee Goswami:
Can relate to it. Bhaal likho. Do keep it comming. :)

Anupee Dulali Perlmutter:
Enjoy every moment...before you know she will be a little lady..

Anuroopa Thangaraja:
well said!

Priyanka Bajaj:
Each n every word.. so touching n true..!! God Bless Raya n her lovely patents..!

Tapati Sharma:

Nidhi Gupta:

Priyanka Rajkhowa:
Thanks folks ...

Promiti Phukan:
Beautifully written! Loved reading it!

Shweta Matai:
You never really appreciate your mom till you actually become a mom yourself isn't it...look at me...mother of 2 and I still need her!!!

Xuan Huynh:
So true. I'm in flats all the time, but so worth it!

Cindy Leadbetter Miller:
She will treasure those thoughts from her sweet other...beautifully said.

Nabanita Ghosh:
Beautifully written. So true.:)

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