Thursday, August 1, 2013

Big 'boo boo'...our little Raya...

This has been a really stressful week :(

So last Sunday, just as we were about to head out of home for brunch, our little munchkin tripped and fell on her right hand...There was of course the usual level of fussiness that generally follows a fall or 'boo boo', but we had no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary...No big howls or cries that would make us suspect that something was terribly wrong...With an active toddler in the house, falls and bumps are of course not alien, generally all that is needed is a bit of additional TLC to distract little Raya...and everything about the 'boo boo' is generally forgotten soon enough...So this time around too, we just responded to her "Mamma ...hand boo"..." boo" ...the way we handle other 'boo boos'...with TLC...

She took a good afternoon the evening,she was fussier though...we were hanging out with some of our friends when we observed that she was very reluctant to use her right hand...though she was intermittently playing around , she definitely was not her usual bubbly self...

Next day...a trip to the pediatrician...and an xray later...our little Raya was diagnosed with a right wrist fracture :(

She now has a full arm splint...which she needs to keep on for a couple of more weeks...the orthopedist said that a cast would be too heavy and uncomfortable and scary for her(specially the removal process)...the pain seems to have gone away though, for now...touch wood...she is playing around and going about her daily activities as usual...gets annoyed once in a while when she wants to use her right hand to do something, but she is unable to due to the little baby is figuring it out to live with a splint...:(

She is so's so upsetting and stressful to see her weighed down by that huge splint on her right arm :(..even though she herself seems to be taking it in her stride for now and doesn't seem too bothered...

So yesterday, on our way to the orthopedist, I repeatedly kept telling Raya..."Raya the doctor will check your hand and fix please don't cry ok!!"

When DD came back from work in the evening, she ran to him, pointed to her splint and said," boo...hand"..." boo..hand" .(In non baby talk, that would read..." boo...hand!")...I, for one, felt choked in tears... little another two weeks...hopefully everything's gonna be fine...fingers's gonna to be the longest ever two week period though!!



Sangeeta Goswami said...

Oh no! Poor girl! Reminds me of the time Arav broke his collar bone and I sent him off to daycare thinking all was well after the fall. The good news, though, is that they heal really quickly at this age. Stressful now, I'm sure, but in a few weeks will just be an entry and an exciting picture in the baby book! Big kiss for her and an extra large hug for you. Love,

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Thanks Rinks...she seems to be be feeling much better now..though the heat isn't helping much...can't wait for Aug 16 when the splint comes off ....

NetworkedBlogsViaFacebook said...

Ganapriya Venkatasubramaniann, Arifa Rahman, Samita Pal, Priyanka Baruah, Kasturi Dutta Bordoloi,
Preetam Rajkhowa,

Garima Nahar:

Omg so sorry to hear that...hope she feels better soon. She seems like a happy go lucky girl, which is awesome. Hugs. Be strong for her

August 1 at 4:35pm via mobile ·

Mayurpankhi Barooah:

Hope lil Raya's hand is better soon!

August 1 at 4:36pm via mobile ·

Vidya Sabesan:

Soo sorry to hear abt raya's booboo here's to wishing her a speedy recovery. If not already she will very soon get used to using one hand and stay cheerful even with the pain and discomfort. It's us parents who cannot digest seeing our little ones going thro this phase. We went thro the same when hasini cut her finger and had stiches on her for like 2 weeks and I say it's not easy but this too shall pass.

August 1 at 5:01pm via mobile

Khushboo Lotia:

Oh No Wishing Raya a speedy recovery!

August 1 at 5:24pm

Ankita Deka:

Sorry to hear about Raya, but she will get better soon. Devarsh broke his right leg at two and a half year. I cried for days stress queen that I am wondering if his leg would ever be the same again. It was long five weeks with the cast, but he got all better. I know as a parent, this is not very helpful. Take care. Love and hugs to her.

August 1 at 5:29pm

Smitha Kalappurakkal:

So sorry to hear that, Priyanka.. I hope she is in good spirits in spite of the boo boo.. Believe me, you'll be wondering if this was all a dream in a few weeks.. Children heal so well and fast.. So take it easy..
Rohan also fractured his leg (tibia) two months back and spent a few days in a splint and 4 weeks in a full leg cast.. He's more active than ever now that he's recovered.. And very wise decision to not have a cast.. The cast removal was very traumatic for R (he also got a little injury from the cast saw), that he is still afraid of loud devices (like vacuum cleaner, lawn mower etc..).. Take care..

August 1 at 6:21pm

Arifa Rahman:

so sorry to hear about raya, dont worry she will be fine soon.

August 1 at 9:48pm via mobile ·

Bandita Phukan:

Get well soon Raya . I know you are mummy's cutie little strong baby . You will be fine soon .

August 1 at 10:58pm via mobile

Anuradha Das Ghose:
get well soon baby.

August 1 at 10:59pm

Preetam Rajkhowa:

get well soon raya....................................

August 2 at 6:21am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks for your wishes folks...Raya and her mommy need them to be able to sail through the next couple of weeks with patience and cheer...

August 2 at 9:42am

Mukti Soni Gambhir:

ooooh man that did bring tears to my eyes but she sure is a trooper.. I'm a stone throw away yaar aanything please let us know...kisses to Raya!!

August 2 at 10:12am