Wednesday, March 19, 2014


11 days...a plane with 239 personnel on board, missing from the face of the earth...speculation...over speculation...analysis...over-analysis...the unrelenting pain faced by friends and family of the folks, on board that flight...the pain that comes with the knowledge of potentially never again seeing a near and dear one...the anguish of not being able to say good bye...the pain of potentially never finding closure...and add to that the pain of suspicion looming large over the heads of everyone on board!!

How unpredictable life can be! You or I could have been one of the passengers or their family member. Such incidents only reinforce and drive home the point of how important it is to live life in  the moment, to let go of often unnecessary worries and enjoy and make the most of the little and often what seem to be trivial  moments of life, while they last...for one never knows what the next moment has in store. And as I write this, nothing rings in my ear louder than William H Davis' lines , 'A poor life this is if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.'

So the mantra of my life, for now, is "Live in the moment"!!

So that's that . I often make resolutions like the above, but before I know it , I am so boggled down by the weight of the 'cares' of the world, that my life's mantra gets pushed to the abyss of my brain!:(

Yesterday was one such day!

Yesterday just happened to be one of the days when Raya insisted I help her with all 'toddler tasks' aka getting her ready for day care, helping her brush her teeth, helping her with the potty, giving her a bath, putting her to sleep etc. etc. No amount of insistence from 'D' could convince her to allow 'D' to do one of  her tasks. No 'mamma' meant mega tantrum time. 'Baba' was only for play time!! Oh well!

At the end of the day, Raya gave 'D' a goodnight hug and kiss and was waiting for me to take her upstairs to put her to bed. A hectic past week at work combined with the exhaustion of bringing up a toddler was beginning to take it's toll. "Live in the moment" /"Enjoy your child's innocence and charm, while it lasts", was slowly being pushed to the abyss of my mind.

Exhausted and exasperated, I whined to 'D', "Sometimes Raya is so unreasonable! It's tough ! How can I possibly do everything?!"

Even before D could say anything, pat came Raya's spontaneous response, 'You sure can, mamma!'...'You sure can!'

That brought on a burst of laughter...with it, was washed away all the fatigue, and of course, it was  all that was needed to revive the significance of the "Live in the moment" mantra ! What  better way to end a day than with the knowledge, or shall I say 'illusion' , that there is a little toddler in this world who believes, I am a super woman, after all !!

With prayers and hope that friends and family of all aboard flight MH370 find closure.

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Ashish Rajkhowa:

nice one chints
March 19 at 1:15pm

Sukanya Bora:

Your little one is a phataaka!! Xosakoi!

March 19 at 2:38pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks folks for dropping by the blog!
March 19 at 4:57pm

Angela Govila:

Enjoyed reading your post. Living in the moment is hard - thanks for the reminder!

March 19 at 6:25pm

Dehu Rajkhowa:

Its true but it is hard too.My puchkolo is really great!I am living forher honestly.

March 20 at 4:43am

Gautam Rajkhowa:

Like .. Just the spirit however difficult !

March 20 at 3:32pm