Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Of egg hunts, emergency room visits, "Raya"ingo and a new year...

This past weekend ended up being quite eventful...it started with an easter egg hunt with Raya and her buds on a gorgeous afternoon, followed by the usual family dinner and soaking in the sun time, Bihu celebrations and a BBQ at home with some friends visiting from out of town. The weekend was almost perfect, yes I say almost perfect because there was an unforeseen trip to the emergency room on Sunday afternoon. So this is what happened. While cutting chicken in preparation for the BBQ we were hosting, I almost chopped off the tip of my ring finger , yes literally half the tip in the front and the back of the finger was hanging off.  As gross as it sounds, it was painful and a bloody sight ! A trip to the emergency room, a heavy dose of painkillers, antibiotics, wedding/engagement rings that had to be cut off and 4 stitches later, I was back home and was glad to be distracted by the great company of friends.

However life was hunky dory only till the effect of painkillers lasted !! The pain kicked back in soon enough Sunday late night and didn't go away whole of yesterday:(,so much so that I was beginning to get afraid that I will never be able to make full use of my ring finger. However this morning I woke up feeling much better!! So all's well, for now. The stitches come off in another 10 days and the optimist in me tells me, all will be well ! Let's hope so! Plus since Sunday, DD has been pampering me and has mentioned a couple of times how much he appreciated me being a good sport and for handling this without being a nag ! Let me tell you that doesn't happen often after  8 years of marriage and 16 years of knowing each other LOL!!

This was my first visit to any emergency room in the US, and I must say the folks at the Reston Hospital emergency center did their very best to make me comfortable. Everyone was warm and affectionate and kept me animated to distract me from wincing in pain.

So that's that! Fingers crossed for an uneventful recovery!

Other than that, Raya has been on a roll these past few weeks with her chatter. I was just going through some of my earlier "Raya" blogs and
was thrilled to realise that the blogs have succeeded in capturing some day to day moments that I am sure would have been long forgotten.

Sharing a few more moments, that I remember, from the past couple of weeks.

A week back, Raya insisted that she wanted to talk to her "Ash mamu" (my brother) at 9:00 in the evening EST, which meant I had to put in a call and wake up my dear sleepy head brother at 6:30 am IST on a Sunday morning, so that Raya could ask just one question, "What u doing, Ash mamu?"

She told her class teacher the other day, "I am going shopping to India!" When her teacher told her, "That's a long way to go for shopping". She apparently took her toy purse and walked towards the door,"No Ms Gina! but I go shopping only to India!"

Every time Raya sees an aeroplane, she thinks it is going to India. She insists she is going to take the next plane to India to meet her grandparents
and then just in time remembers to ask me, "You want to come with me to India, mamma?" Oh well, of course...next India trip we all know who will be guiding whom! LOL

Since Friday, every time you ask Raya, how many eggs she collected at the easter egg hunt, she will show you all 5 fingers on her right hand, while claiming in words that it amounts to 6 eggs.

Any question you ask Raya  now has an emphatic "because" in the response!

Yours truly: "Why do you want to go the playground, Raya?"
Raya: I want to go to the playground 'because' I want to, mamma!

Yours truly: "Why do you have to wear these shoes, Raya?"
Raya: I have to wear these shoes 'because' I have to, mamma!!

Everytime, I raise my voice at her for doing something inappropriate, Raya has a standard reponse, "It's not nice ,mamma. I not play with you anymore. I play only with Baba!". When DD reprimands her about something, "It's not nice, baba! I not play with you anymore. I play only with Mamma!".

Then of course, anything that we do in a way that she doesn't approve of results in a, "It's not a good habit, mamma!" or "It's not good manners, mamma!"

You get the gist! It's almost as if 'D' and I get a dose of our own medicine from Raya sometimes! Needless to say, it does fill our home and life with laughter and life seems so much more meaningful!!

On that note, Happy Bihu, Vishu, Nobo borsho and Baisakhi to one and all!!

May your year be filled with love, luck, happiness and contentment!

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Gautomi Chowdhury:

I hope you are better now. Take care

April 15 at 7:23pm

Moonmee DC:
Hope u get well soon Priyanka...I can very well relate to ur blog when it comes to Rays's ingo as my lil one is on d same way....innumerable queries starting from day break that seem to come to n end only after she falls asleep:-) quite interesting though n her new fav word like Raya's because is together..hahah:-)

April 15 at 10:48pm

Tapati Sharma:
omg please be careful. wishing u a fast recovery

April 16 at 7:37am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks guys! Much better now...the nagging pain is at bay without painkillers, so that's making it easier .

April 16 at 7:48am

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Moonmee D Chakrabarty: I know this is the age when kids get really creative when expressing themselves!! Love and hugs to your little one. Enjoy these moments

April 16 at 7:59am

Anup Hosangadi:

That sounds really painful. Hope you feel better soon !

April 16 at 10:56am

Jayasri Subramanian:

Take care Priyanka - so guess rest of your year would be sweet as you have dealt with the bad bit already

April 16 at 12:20pm

Sukanya Bora: Your cut sounds awful. Hope the pain has subsided. Feel better.

April 16 at 1:18pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa: Thanks guys for your good wishes...healing well and I have been able to get back to daily chores !

April 16 at 7:45pm

Xuan Huynh: Oh no!! Hope you are better girl.

April 17 at 8:13am