Thursday, January 31, 2013

'Superbowl Sunday'...'Tuuummmy'...'Shooooees'...and more...

It's's Superbowl Sunday this weekend...a much awaited day of the year in our household...

The palpable excitement exuded by 'D' and me are more or less for the same reasons...aka marks the end of the football's just that 'D' is excited about the "Ravens Vs 49ers" final game itself ,while I am, about the fact that I no longer need to feel obliged to sit through another one of those "testosterone" filled matches...You see, we are in that phase of married life with baby in tow,where our lives are so busy and where each of us gives so much space to the other ,to do our own stuff, that we have to consciously find time and activities to do together...and that translates to me sitting through and pretending to watch a football game with 'D' for each Bollywood romantic flick that he sits down to watch with me...oh well, such is life!!! :)

As for Raya, she is innocuously oblivious to the excitement of the impending weekend ,specifically Sunday!!In a few years time, she will probably pick sides and have her own reasons for being excited...either way she'll have an ally at home:)

On a completely different note, these days my little munchkin gets off the crib in the morning and sprints around our bed, squealing out "Tuuuummmy"..."Tuuuummmmy"...oh...oh...not to worry...those are anything but squeals of pain caused by tummy aches...The subject of her excited squeals and attention is "Mr. Talking Tom Cat"...or "Tommy" like we like to address him around the home...her mama and papa dear need to bring "Mr. Tom Cat" out of his slumber and out of the bed side table drawer so that Ms. Raya can have her morning  "tete e tete" and giggling session with him...while her mama and papa catch up on 15 more mins of sleep...thank God for Steve Jobs and phone apps...what would we do without them!!!

Then of course, her most favorite word in the world now is..."shooooooes"....she is obsessed with them...needs to put them on as soon as she gets off the bed...she has to make sure they are safe in their allocated place by the stair case, when she takes them off...when they are clean and spunky, they are "nuuu shoooes"...oh well..."shoe mania" is in her that's to be expected, I guess...but I must say they do start early these days, don't they!!! :)...

This is such a fun age...Can't wait to share "Raya" isms once she starts putting words together...I can already envision how entertaining that will be...

Enjoy your weekend folks...and enjoy Superbowl Sunday for whatever reason that may be!:)


Sukanya Bora said...

Mr Tom Cat was a super duper hit with my two as well.
This truly is a fun age-enjoy it as much as possible.
Have fun on Sunday-we arent into football at all. Instead will catch up on movies:-)

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Rims...I know...Tommy has turned out to be quite a messiah for parents of this era:)...have a good movie watching weekend...Lucky you!!:))

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Vidya Sabesan:

hasini's most favorite thing is her shoeeees she is so fond of them that we have to really have to CONVINCE her to take them off when we come home or go to somebody's place. On another note, was just thinking I shd ping u sometime for the play date thing. Let me know

January 31 at 3:43pm
Sukanya Bora:

left a comment
January 31 at 5:34pm

Priyanka Khole:

Hey good to see u r back to blogging, can't wait to catch up soon!
January 31 at 5:52pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks guys...

@Vidya Sabesan: ...this is so funny...Should be fun when the two of them meet up...shall call you next week and plan something:)
@Sukanya Bora:Thanks Rims...just saw the comment......Tommy has turned out to be quite a messiah for parents of this era...have a good movie watching weekend...
@Priyanka Khole: Welcome back...that was one long vacation...let's catch up soon..

January 31 at 6:58pm
Ankita Deka:

It was a real fun read, every household indeed has unique dynamics. Raya will soon add a new twist to things. Bijan and I barely follow any American games, much to our surprise we found out Devarsh has been vicariously following everything through his classmates. We are slowly catching up to him.

January 31 at 7:05pm

Priyanka Rajkhowa:

Thanks guys...

@Ankita : So true...Like you say, the little ones do add a new twist to each family's way of life...I was just telling D the other day ,it's almost as if we are rediscovering the world through her eyes again, seeing her being excited about stuff that we had long forgotten to care about or take a second look at:)

February 1 at 8:13am

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